Lenin Rajendran,
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ask Lenin Rajendran why he built a company dedicated to bringing healthcare to all Australians, and he’ll look at you as if he’s never really considered the question. “We were just brought up like that,” he says. Growing up in a middle-class family in India, Lenin says he and his brother Thiru were always aware of the help they often received from those around them. “You always relied on someone,” he remembers. “And you always helped someone when they were in trouble.”  

It’s an attitude he applies to every aspect of his life, from the companies he builds to the way he runs them. But while many people guided by those principles tend to gravitate towards public service or not-for-profit work, Lenin’s career trajectory led him towards entrepreneurship. Born with a mathematical mind, he embarked on a career with BHP, entering through its highly competitive graduate recruitment program. For nine years, he honed his skills and gained invaluable experience as an engineer.  

He loved solving technical puzzles, but his ambition and curiosity always extended beyond the world of engineering. Lenin pursued an MBA and, while developing his business skills, began dreaming up ideas for startups that would solve real-world problems affecting those around him. Interestingly, it was a personal experience that led him to healthcare. When Lenin’s child fell ill, he went looking for a service to bring him the medicines he needed. After finding that no such services existed, he and his brother Thiru decided to create one.  

As CEO of Hola Health, Lenin is responsible for driving the company’s growth, and designing the strategies that will deliver on its mission of healthcare accessibility. Three years and 300,000 transactions later, he is feeling more motivated than ever. “The satisfaction that we are solving a real-world problem is really fulfilling,” he says. “To make a positive impact is what drives us.” Link to Lenin’s LinkedIn,