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What kind of medical certificate do you need?

What kind of medical certificate do you need?

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We know how important your personal data and health information is to you. That’s why we use encryption and secure servers to keep your personal data and health records safe and protected.

Leading security measures

We meet the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) requirements to guard against the latest cyber security threats, so you can trust your data is safe.

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You can pay securely online by credit card via our fast and secure payment gateway, Stripe.

Certified by real doctors

Our medical certificates are the real deal. All requests are reviewed and certified by Australian registered GPs to provide you with a legitimate medical certificate that your employer, or educator, can approve.

Qualified doctors at your service

Our GPs are all registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and are qualified to give you the best possible care.

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If you need a multi-day certificate or more advice, we’re here to help. Simply request an on-demand telehealth consult with one of our doctors.


Feeling crook?
Skip the waiting room

Feeling crook?
Skip the waiting room

With Hola Health, you can easily obtain a medical certificate online from the comfort of your couch. No need to worry about crowded spaces or long wait times – we’ve got you covered.

100% online

Simply fill in the quick form, pay online, and one of our Australian accredited GPs will review your request. No consult required, except for multi-day certificates.

Fast, same day certificates

Once approved by one of our GPs, your medical certificate will be available by SMS and email within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re feeling unwell and need to take time off work or school, getting a medical certificate can be a hassle. But with an online medical certificate, you can get the proof you need without leaving your home. It’s a fast and convenient way to certify your medical condition and get the support you need from your employer or school. No more waiting rooms or in-person consultations necessary!

Yes. Because it is reviewed and signed by Australian registered GPs, an online medical certificate from Hola Health is a legal document and contains all the information your employer, school or university needs when you request sick leave or carer’s leave. We cannot provide COVID exemption medical certificates (e.g. vaccination, for workers compensation or face mask exemptions).

For a single/same day medical certificate, you only need to fill in a quick form. No need for a consultation! Simply tell us a few personal details and complete a quick medical questionnaire. One of our GPs will review the information and, once approved, we will send you an email and SMS with your medical certificate. A multi-day medical certificate requires a little more information, which you can provide to the doctor in an online GP consult.

With Hola Health, you can get your online medical certificate in minutes! Our process is quick and easy – fill in our form, pay online, and your request will be reviewed and certified by our Australian registered GPs. Once approved, you’ll receive an email and SMS. If you don’t get an email within 3 hours, our support team is here to help.

Request time off without the stress

Getting time off shouldn’t be a headache — especially when you’re already feeling sick. Request a legitimate online medical certificate quickly and easily via Hola Health today.

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