Getting ready to grow your family is an incredible and exciting time! The anticipation of welcoming a new little life is something truly special. But before you start trying to conceive, taking the time for pre-pregnancy health checks is one of the best things you can do to prepare your body for the important journey ahead.

Why Pre-Pregnancy Check-Ups Are So Valuable?

Thinking of your pre-pregnancy visit as an opportunity to get your body in the best baby-making shape can help reframe it from just another doctor’s appointment into an empowering first step towards your dream of parenthood. This essential check-in with your trusted doctor or midwife allows you to:

1. Identify Any Potential Risks

Don’t be afraid to get open and honest about your full medical history so your provider can flag any existing conditions that may need some extra care and attention during pregnancy. Things like diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic issues are much easier to manage when they’re caught early.

2. Get the Green Light on Medications

If you’re currently taking any medications, your pre-pregnancy appointment is the perfect time to review them and find out if they are safe to continue or if you’ll need to make some adjustments. Every single vitamin, supplement and prescription needs to be carefully evaluated when you’re prepping for your upcoming baby.

3. Optimise Your Well-Being

One of the biggest benefits of pre-pregnancy screenings is getting personalised advice on nutrition, exercise, and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits to create the most nurturing environment possible for conception and a healthy 9 months.

4. Start Making Your Birth Plan

Starting to map out your parenting journey from the very beginning allows you to cover getting any vaccinations updated, explore genetic screening options if relevant to your family’s history, and get all your questions answered by a caring expert.

Pre-Pregnancy Tests

Your pre-pregnancy health assessment will be tailored just for you based on your individual needs, but here’s a run down of some of the most common tests and screenings:

1. The General Once-Over

This classic physical exam checks your overall health status with things like blood pressure, weight, and listening to your heart and lungs. It allows your Doctor to detect any underlying issues early on and develop a customised plan.

2. Blood Tests

You may need to get screened for anaemia to check your iron levels, thyroid function to ensure that the hard-working gland is functioning well, immunity to infections like German measles and chickenpox that could potentially affect your baby, and more. Blood tests help make sure your body is truly ready to nurture your little one.

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3. Cervical Cancer Screening

Staying on top of your cervical health before pregnancy helps identify any potential concerns that may need to be addressed to avoid issues down the road. The Pap smear may not be anyone’s favourite, but it’s well worth a few minutes of minor discomfort to ensure you and your baby are safe.

4. Mental Health Check-In

Pregnancy can bring a whirlwind of new emotions unlike anything you’ve experienced before, so your provider will likely want to discuss your emotional well-being and any past mental health experiences. This allows them to provide proactive support and catch any issues like depression or anxiety early when they’re most treatable.

5. STI Screening

If you’re sexually active, getting screened for any sexually transmitted infections is a wise move to prevent issues during pregnancy or passing anything to baby. Certain STIs can be dormant or show no symptoms, so don’t skip this important screening even if you’re in a committed relationship. 

Lifestyle Considerations: More Than Just Medical Tests

Properly preparing your mind and body for pregnancy isn’t just about checking off clinical tests though. Your pre-pregnancy health journey should also thoughtfully focus on:


What you put in your body is absolutely crucial when you’re prepping for that baby on board. Focus on fuelling yourself with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet full of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. Also, taking a folic acid supplement is recommended for preventing neural tube birth defects.


Aim for regular, moderate exercise like brisk walking, swimming or prenatal yoga to help you and baby stay healthy. Don’t be afraid to discuss modifying your routine with your provider if you’re a dedicated fitness enthusiast. Preparing your body through exercise can make a world of difference.


If you’ve struggled with weight issues, getting to a healthy weight range beforehand can make a big difference for you both during those 9 months and the delivery. Discuss safe, sustainable strategies with your Doctor.

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Kick Those Unhealthy Habits

Now’s the time to ditch any unhealthy habits like smoking and alcohol, as engaging in these can seriously harm your future baby’s development. There is no ‘safe’ amount of alcohol for the mother to consume during pregnancy, so it is recommended that it should be stopped completely to prevent any issues with the baby. If you need support to quit, don’t hesitate to ask.

Managing Stress

Finding ways to keep stress at bay is so important when you’re trying to conceive. Pregnancy brings plenty of new stressors and anxieties, so start practicing healthy coping techniques now like meditation, prenatal yoga, journaling, or just talking it out with friends and family.

Can a Telehealth Doctor Help with Your Health Check-Ups?

While some pre-pregnancy checks like blood tests, physical exams and cervical screenings need to happen in-person at your doctor’s office or clinic, telehealth can be an effective option for many other aspects of your pre-pregnancy prep:

Your First Consultation

Have an open discussion about your family planning goals and get guidance on any tests or screenings you may need – all from the comfort and convenience of your home. Telehealth makes it so easy to have this important first conversation. 

Follow-Up Appointments

After you’ve had your in-person pre-pregnancy screenings, review any test results virtually and get clarity on any next steps your provider recommends without needing to leave your home.

Healthy Living Coaching

Nutrition, fitness and lifestyle adjustments are huge when you’re preparing for pregnancy. Take advantage of telehealth video appointments to access personalised coaching on cultivating habits for peak baby-making health.

Mental Health Support

If you’re dealing with any anxiety, mood changes or just need someone to talk to about your emotional well-being, telehealth makes it very convenient to meet with a mental health professional from the comfort of your own home.

At the end of the day, this pre-pregnancy journey is all about teaming up with your compassionate healthcare provider to get your mind and body truly ready for this incredible new chapter. From check-ups to counselling, and healthy living to health screenings, embrace this process as an empowering first step towards the adventure of meeting your new baby.

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