Pharmacy prescriptions and medicine same day home delivered for $4.99

Have your pharmacy medicine and prescriptions home delivered same day in just 2 hours. Fast, convenient and cheap delivery when and where you need it.

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Leave Certificates For Work

No one does their their best work when they’re sick, and no one in your office wants your germs either. Rest up, let your body recover, and get your medical certificate for work from the comfort of your couch.

Leave Certificates For School/University

Studying is hard enough without trying to think clearly through illness. Fill out our online form and get your medical certificate for school or uni in your inbox within 15 minutes.

A doctor providing advice while stepping out of a mobile phone | Telehealth | Hola Health
A doctor providing advice while stepping out of a mobile phone | Hola Health

Carers Leave Certificates

Taking care of someone else? You’ve got enough to do without having to get to a doctors office too. Fulfil your employment or study obligations, take care of the people you need to, and minimise your to-do list by filling out our simple online carers leave form. Approved certificates are issued by an AHPRA accredited doctor within 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Stress Leave And Leave For Mental Health Reasons

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical. Leave for mental health reasons and stress is not a category of leave, rather they refer to the cause of personal leave (AKA sick leave). Our doctors can issue medical certificates for these reasons, however, if you require more than a single day of leave you will need a telehealth vide consult with a Hola Health GP. You can see a doctor via telehealth here.

Upload your prescription and your medicine is on its way!

Getting to the pharmacy to collect your medicines can be time consuming and take you away from the things you should be doing. There is an easier way. Hola Health medicine delivery provides a fast and convenient way to get the medicines you need, now.

Upload your prescription and your medicine is on its way!

Fast delivery
Fast and convenient delivery when you need it, where you need it
Tailored to you
Manage all your scripts securely on your mobile phone in our easy to use app
Local expertise
Connect with your local pharmacist for advice

How It Works

Choose your service

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Tell us about yourself

Provide some basic details & choose your local pharmacy

Schedule your delivery
Upload your prescription, add any over the counter items and then choose a pick up or delivery time that suits your lifestyle
We manage refills
We send you reminders to ensure that you don’t forget vital medication refills
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Categories Include

Hair Removal
Weight Management
Health Management
Pain Relief
Natural Medicine
Cold Flu
Wound Care
Hair Accessories

It’s easy with the app​

Download the Hola Health app and manage all your scripts securely on your mobile device, wherever you are​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hola Health currently offers pharmacy and prescription delivery to all major metropolitan suburbs.

To use the Hola Health pharmacy delivery services we have a really simple flat rate delivery charge of $4.99. This applies to each order – so make sure you include all the items you want to buy before confirming! We also charge a small convenience fee of $0.99 for the usage of the platform.

Absolutely! We have a dedicated section within the app for you to add family members or individuals you might be caring for, so you can manage medications for multiple people all in one place. 

If you are a carer facility and want to find out more about how Hola Health can make medication management easy for your residents please contact us at

At Hola Health we have simplified instant scripts delivery as well as prescription and over the counter pharmacy item delivery.  

At checkout, you will see several options for delivery. Hola Health currently offers delivery in 1-3 hours or ‘on-demand medicine delivery’ or if you want your delivery a little later or the following day or any day in the future, you can schedule a delivery that suits your needs.

Don’t have time to wait? Already heading to the store? No problem. Hola Health allows you to click and collect local pharmacy products and prescriptions as well. 

We are still new, and not everyone knows about us yet! If you love your local pharmacy, you can reach out to them to tell them about us. Or you can reach out to our customer care team and let us know who you want to see on our platform. We will contact the pharmacy for you, and let them know how loved they are, and that you would love to receive your next prescription delivery from them. Simply email


See a doctor for a general consultation within 15 mins for $35

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